E.A.T.  is our Economic and Agriculture Team that works to improve the environment and combat poverty.  Studies have shown that in the black community that the dollar only stays within our community for 6 hours before going into the hands of someone else. In the white community it rotates up to 8 times. In the Asian community 10 and in the Arab community up to 12.  It is rare that shoppers in these communities will help to build up equality for the black community, who has to work 3 times as hard to keep a business running and gain support. Not only that but predominately black communities face gentrification , which breaks up families and push people into homelessness, but they also lack fair an equal job opportunities or second chances when it comes to employment. E.A.T.  is committed to creating directories to help consumers shop black as well as pushing for equal opportunities in employment. We work to build up the black economy so blacks can hire in struggling blacks and help provide better opportunities and build wealth for their family. It is important that we keep in mind that alot of major corporations  benefit off of free prison labor and that there are many black men to this day incarcerated for crimes they didn't commit. The 13th amendment allows slavery to still exist and blacks are exploited daily to build up a country that puts them last. It is unethical and these issues must be addressed. Our E.A.T. is dedicated to changing the narrative and outcome for future generations.


E.A.T. also fights to empower and liberate through teaching group economics, financial literacy, and growing food. We strongly feel that home gardens, community gardens and farms for the people help combat poverty and is a huge part of self preservation.