Street Medics

Project Black Street Medics

Maat Tribal Academy

PBSM is a group of dedicated

Solidarity Members Trained to 

provide first aid to those

who need it during

protest, rallies, and around our communities.

MTA is our homeschool co-op 

dedicated to teach black

and brown children their

true destiny. with workshops and

virtual learning we also provide black history and literacy and hold strong

values that 

representation matters.


Project Black Media

Our media team is a dynamic team 

of writers, journalist, and

cameramen who work together

to catch real life stories.

We are the people's media.

we tell the stories main stream

media wont cover. 

Project Black Self Defense

We are dedicated to protecting our community as well as teaching 

political education and self defense.

We believe the people

have the power to govern

themselves and protect themselves

lawfully and physically if

educated properly.


Food, Clothes and Shelter Program

Economic and Agricultural Team

Food, Clothes and Shelter Program is dedicated to canned food drives,

giving out free healthy foods to the community,

coat drives and assisting families

with shelter placement

and resources in hard times.

Our E.A.T. Committee is about 

creating solutions and change

for our economic growth

and development of high poverty communities. We work to help our communties become

self- suffcient and self sustained. 


Bail Relief

Bail Relief is created to assist political prisoners, freedom fighters and anyone else

who has been wrongfully put

behind bars by the

criminal justice system.

Funds go towards lawyers, bail

or needs of those

we stand in solidarity with. 


Fundraising Team

One of our most important

teams is our fundraising team.

This team organizes and

coordinates fundraisers and events

to raise money for our other

project black solidarity programs.


Disaster Relief


Rehabilitation Program

Our Disaster Relief program is designed

to assist families who deal with

unexpected disasters,

such as hurricanes,

tornadoes, floods, fires,

or need to flee from DV situations 

Our rehabilitation program

is created

to provide a new start

for those coming home

from prison to help them

with better opportunities

to start fresh

and make a positive change.

This program provides them

with counseling, a support group and resources.


Transportation Committee

Will update...