FREE REV JOY POWELL!!! A political prisoner held P.O.W. by the private prisons of America.

Rev Joy Powell is a sister, mother, and anti crime activist who has been sentenced to 16 years for a crimes she was falsely accused in. Framed with charges of burglary and assault the judge and prosecutors did not give her a fair trail. Rev Joy Powell has fought and stood in solidarity with the people in her community to work against injustices, police brutality, and abuse of power in the government. Rev Powell has been a voice for the people and has been committed to serving the needs of her community. She is currently in need of monthly food packages, commissary products and raising money in her fight to be exonerated and clear her name. Rev Joy Powell is an unapologetic black woman who loves her people. She needs the help of the community and support of the community. To write or donate to The Free Reverend Joy Powell Campaign you can do so at:

Reverend Joy Powell 07g0632

Bedford Hills Correctional Facility

P.O. Box 1000

Bedford Hills, New York 10807-2499

All power to the people!!!

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