Project Black Street Medics


Project Black Street Medics are dedicated and committed to the service of the people. Working to guarantee safety and the well being of the community we work to have all of our street medics properly trained to be ready to serve. Street Medics have no will or desire to serve to make profit but because they truly feel within their hearts that their purpose and calling is to heal and serve their community. Street medics throughout history have shown up as volunteers who attend protest and demonstrations for the purpose of providing first aid to anyone who is injured.


Street Medics are not always professionally educated but tend to operate under Good Samaritan clauses. Sometimes treating trauma injuries, chemical burns, animal attacks, heat exhaustion, or other injuries or complications people may have during protest or rallies, they are always ready for what ever the case may be. Carrying backpacks and medical bags filled with first aid kits, simple hygiene supplies and waters Street Medics are committed to the well being of the people. 

Project Black Street Medics not only volunteer their time to serving at protest and rallies but also do community wellness checks, host health fairs, and help make sure the people of the community are safely getting to wellness visits. Our street medics also work along side our Disaster Relief Program to assist with search and rescue in the event of flooding, tornadoes, hurricanes or other scenarios that may fall in that category. 

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